Is Bike Fitting Service A Worthwhile Investment & What Are The Benefits Of A Proper Bike Fit?

Bike Fitting Brighton

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The bike fitting Brighton service offered by Prestige Cycles is by far the best service in the East Sussex area. Bike fitting is the service in which a bicycle, equipment and riding position are tailored to best suit the body type, flexibility, injury history, performance or race goals, etc. of the rider. A bike fit can provide you with a position on your bike that is aerodynamic, comfortable, powerful, stable, and reduces risk of injury. Such a service also takes post bike run performance for duathlon and triathlon competitors.


Why Get A Bike Fit?

A bike fit costs money but it is also worth it. If you and your bike have a poor bit each other, then no matter how many dollars you spend on lightweight upgrades, you cannot compensate for it. You will understand why a proper bike fit is important if you have ever attempted to run or just walk in a pair of shoes that were too small or too big for you. No matter how expensive the shoes might be and no matter where they were crafted, it would be really challenging to walk in them. The same concept applies to a bike fit as well.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bike Fitting Service at Prestige- Bike Shop Brighton?

A bike fit can improve your comfort, efficiency, enjoyment, performance, power, safety and stability when riding your bicycle. It can also reduce the discomfort, pain and overuse injuries that you might have experienced. A proper bike fit is necessary to maximize efficiency and prevent injury. If you are able to sit at an optimal position on your bike, you will feel more comfortable and enjoy riding it more. Your body different from anyone else who rides a bicycle and your biomechanics should be reflected by your position on the bike.

Bike Fitting Brighton
Is Getting A Bike Fit Worth It?

A bike fit is among the best investments that can be made if you want to experience an improved comfort and power on your bike. The technicians at Prestige the bike fit Brighton experts say that most bike riders who have opted for a bike fitting service in the past have most expressed their delight and have wondered why they had not gotten a bike fit done years ago. In fact, the best time to get a bike fit done is before you buy a new bike. Why? One of the worst things that you would probably not want to hear at the conclusion of a bike fit is that the bike you purchased is not the right fit and size for you.

Do You Need A Bike Fit?

You probably do. Whether you are an elite level athlete or an inexperienced rider, an accurate bike fit will prove to be beneficial for you since it will improve comfort, performance, and will reduce injury risk. Just because you have never gotten injured does not mean that your bike position is optimal. Many of the highest professional level bikers in the world turn to certified bike fitting experts to get their bike positions tuned.


When riding a bicycle, safety is critical. On a bicycle, handling and stability are necessities rather than luxuries. Ultimately, unless you and your bike function as one unit, your efficiency and performance on your bike will not be up to par. Even endurance and spend depends on a proper bike fit. If you want your bike to feel like an extension of your body and your energy to extend through your bike, then you should definitely go for a bike fitting service. You will no longer feel like you are even riding on a bike.

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