My Experience with Removal Companies

Five years ago, my boyfriend and I relocated from Reading, England on our own. We didn’t consider hiring a London moving company to help us with the process. We didn’t think it was necessary to hire one and though we could handle everything on our own. So, we went ahead and packed all our households in boxes and loaded them on our pick-up and moved to our new place, London. While we were unloading our house items, it was very sad to realize that many of our belongings were damaged. My newly bought furniture had broken down and it was hectic to even repair them. Our 3sitter comfy leather chair was beyond repair. Some of the things damaged in the moving process had sedimental value and could really not be replaced. We incurred great loss despite how carefully we had wrapped them. I actually regret the decision we made of moving our own because it cost us a lot. I even lost count of the items damaged.

A guy next door saw us getting rid of the debris and the damaged items. He approached us and asked us why we couldn’t hire a removal company? He advised us how he a removal company moved his households to the new place without damaging anything. Actually, he made us see some sense and important of using a removal company while moving to a new place. Unfortunately, things did not work out well in Reading and the place wasn’t so pleasing so we decided to move again to London.

This time, we decided to hire a London removals company and trust me, my experience with removal companies was fantastic. There are so many removal companies London has to offer. I personally searched the internet for the best removal company in London and settled for Simply Removals moving company based in London. I visited the company for inquiries and they explained their services and the cost of each. They offered three services; Full service moving, Do-It-Yourself service(DIY) and Semi- service. Because in semi-service and DIY, the packing and loading is done by the homeowner, i chose full service because i didn’t want to handle anything by myself. We had lost a lot the last time we took things on our hands and this time, i chose to trust a removal company.

Everything was hassle free and the process went on smoothly. The parking was an issue in Reading but the Simply removal company handled it promptly. One day before the moving day, the company send me a group of packing men who packed all my households in the packing materials they brought with them carefully. After everything was packed, they labelled the boxes to ensure there could not be a mix up while unpacking. The day of moving came, the company was very punctual and arrived at my place of residence at 10 am just as we had agreed. The truck driver arrived with some few men who took the boxes and loaded them to the truck. The team was very courteous,helpful and friendly.

When we reached the destination, that is, my new place . They took the furniture and placed them in the correct places. The process was so fast. They teamed up and as some men were taking care of the furniture, others were unpacking the boxes and placing the households where they are supposed to be. The experience was pleasing because just in a while, everything was at the right place and i was fully settled. They cleared all the packing debris and left me enjoying their services.

Everything was intact and in good condition. Nothing was damaged. I am grateful for the services they offered. My experience with removal companies made me trust them and i like sharing the experience with anyone interested in moving. Don’t move on your own. If you value and treasure your households, hire a removal company to help you with the process. Again, hire the best and you will not regret.

What Are The Benefits Of uPVC Sash Windows & uPVC Sliding Sash Windows?

uPVC sash windows are designed so that traditional wooden (timber) box sash windows can be replicated. A sash window that looks traditional is provided by uPVC sliding sash windows that are manufactured today, but it is combined with the various benefits of uPVC. Apparently, modern day manufactures conduct comprehensive consultation with conversation bodies prior to developing their uPVC sliding sash windows. As a result, they manufacture sliding sash windows that are the most authentic-looking and distinctive available on the market today. These manufacturers also manufacture these sliding sash windows in a range of colors and finishes too. There are many companies that specialise in double glazed sash windows London, along with the traditional timber sash windows London companies. Make sure to research for quality craftsmanship.


Durability Balanced Spring Weight System:
The reason that uPVC sash windows are able to slide is because of a balanced spring weight system. The balancing springs for each uPVC sliding sash window is specified using the height x width dimension of every window, as a result of which all of them tend end up perfectly balanced. The outer profile of these windows hides the balancing springs out of sight.

Low Maintenance:

Apart from the practicality of the uPVC profile, maintenance is also virtually eliminated since a just damp cloth can be used to wipe it clean. Reinforced Frame: The window frame is usually reinforced with 100% galvanized steel as a result of which additional strength is provided to it for long term durability.

Weather Resistance:

The weathering performance of uPVC sliding sash windows tends to be exceptional. These windows are able to maintain their perfect appearance and form, one year after another, all year round.

Welded Window Frame Joints:

Since the window frame joints are welded, absolute durability and weather seal is provided to these uPVC sash windows for longevity and weather resistance. Security Internally Glazed Windows: The glazed windows of uPVC sliding sash windows are only removable from the inside; as a result the security of the home is increased. Sash Locks: The manufacturers of today screw steel hinges and locks into a steel reinforcing frame, which gives these windows extra security and makes them lockable, ensuring peace of mind.

Sash Restrictors:

With a sash restrictor, the bottom sash cannot be opened more than 100mm in accordance with certain regulations. It also happens to be possible to close the restrictor so that the bottom sash can be opened completely, so a means of escape also becomes available.

Bringing Sash Windows To Their Very Best :

The manufacturers of today manufacture splendidly engineered uPVC sash windows of exceptional quality. Real style and value can be added to a home with the installation of these windows, while performance is not sacrificed. Along with the above, the benefits of energy efficiency, low maintenance, noise reduction, and safety and security can also be experienced. Many of the uPVC sliding sash windows, and even those that do not slide, come with an A energy rating, which is the highest.


The bottom line is that the traditional wooden (timber) sash window is effectively replicated by uPVC sash windows. This is because these windows come with classic-style fittings and hardware, and even decorative horns. As a result, a striking finish is created. Get your expert sash windows London company to come out and give you your dream windows.

Legal & Proper Waste Management From A Building Site

Waste Management Solution

Hey a few of my friends have been asking me to write about waste management as I recently had to hire a company to get rid of some waste from my building site. James Waste Management were my skip hire Basildon company of choice. They explained the following to me in great detail.

At building sites, waste is not merely materials that are not wanted and rubbish. Rather, asbestos and contaminated, building, construction and demolition waste like asphalt, concrete and timber, and excavated material like dirt and soil.


Benefits of practicing good waste management at building sites:

– Disposal costs can be lowered, for instance, gate fees, landfill tax and skip hire can be reduced.
– Transportation costs can be avoided.
– Materials on site can be recycled / reused more frequently and raw material purchases can be reduced.
– Levels of material wastage can be lowered.

Buying & Storing Materials

– The amount of materials that will be needed should be ordered as accurately as possible;
– “Just in time” deliveries should be arranged so that material and storage losses are reduced;
– The source of materials should be considered, i.e. the company should be certified with environmental standards, and it may prove cheaper to buy quality and recycled materials.
– The packaging that the materials are delivered in should also be considered, whether or not it will be possible to recycle or reduce them.
– Deliveries should be rejected if they are damaged and/or incomplete.
– Storage areas should be safe, secure and weatherproof.
– Liquids should be stored away from burns, drains and in areas where pollution will be prevented.

Site Activities

– Options should be ensured for construction materials to be reclaimed and recycled.
– Suitable demolition materials, purnings, spoils, and surplus construction material emerging from the building site should be recycled so they do not need to be transported.
– The building site should be kept tidy so that material losses and wastes are reduced.

Waste Segregation

As long as space is available and wherever possible, different skips should be hired to segregate different types of waste that are generated. At least skips for inert and mixed materials, and wood should be hired, while it may take more investment to hire a skip for metals. If there is not sufficient room for multiple skips and there is a shortage of space, it is best if a licensed waste management company is hired to deal with the waste. Recyclable materials can be recovered by them from mixed skips.

Legal Disposal

Waste transfer notes should be completed before any waste is transported from the site. It should be ensured that the waste carriers being hired for transportation possess valid registration certificates. It should be ensured that the disposal of all wastes is done at correctly licensed sites. Any hazardous waste should be notified immediately.

Transport waste to a lawful place

Under certain laws and regulations, waste from a building site is required to be transported to place where it will be lawfully accepted. If waste is not transported to a place that is a lawful waste facility, both the owner of the building site and the transporter can be held guilty of this offence.


At building sites, different types of waste are generated during construction, demolition and excavation. Therefore, along with being aware of the types of waste, the management of the wastes should also be carried out legally and properly. The complexity and size of the waste issues at building site should be reflected in the waste management plan. I will always choose James Waste Management to do my clean ups. They are also the best skip hire Rochford in the UK.